Bang on Can - Backyard Morse Code Experiment

SOS! Why is this boy pointing? The world will never know. I have one more picture from this group and rest assured the boy is pointing in that one as well. I love the minute maid microphone! Why is the adult wearing a life preserver? For full dramatic effect? They look pretty landlocked to me.


Prospect Park South - 1905 Vintage Postcard

I found this postcard, sent from Brooklyn in 1905 to Passaic, NJ in Duluth, MN in 2007. Go figure! It took only one day to get to Passaic way back when (and arrived on my birthday of all days!). I was surprised to see it, you don't often find vintage postcards of residential areas. It is written in a language I cannot read (Swedish or something like it - if you can read it please translate it for me!). I want to go to this street and see how it's changed and take an after picture. I just might.


Gas Mask

This photo terrifies me. Found at the treasure trove that is the Antiques Garage. Where do they get these things?



I was fortunate enough to find this amazing group of photos of a cute chubby girl posing in various costumes in her yard circa probably 1960s. Another amazing Chelsea Antiques Garage find. This totally could have been me in 1989. I am in awe. I hope this girl ended up in the big time.


Busted! Bawdy Postcard...

Speaks for itself I suppose. I love how incredibly simple and cheap this card is in every respect.


Forgotten still from the film "The Orphanage" ?

I found this at the Antiques Garage in Chelsea yesterday (apparently the place where all the serious photo hounds go to find interesting pics). There were thousands of amazing photos and random luck found me this one.

I am beyond terrified of this child's costume. The caption on the back reads: "Reggie & George Nov. '47"