Bang on Can - Backyard Morse Code Experiment

SOS! Why is this boy pointing? The world will never know. I have one more picture from this group and rest assured the boy is pointing in that one as well. I love the minute maid microphone! Why is the adult wearing a life preserver? For full dramatic effect? They look pretty landlocked to me.


Mariam said...

These are amazing! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I love the dad-- he looks like a radio star!

Laurie said...

Absolutely fascinating! I learned morse code at 15 as a boy soldier. My instructor told me two things - my foot would tap regularly to the beat of my sending the code and . . . I will find myself reading signs in the carriages of underground trains and buses in morse code.

Alarmingly, he was right - even 40 years later.

Great blog - I love it!

Best wishes