Pack-o-Fun Aug/Sept '62 - Ticket to the Moon

Pack-o-fun! The only scrap-craft magazine! What is scrap-craft, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like: crafts made from leftover junk. Seems like this craft form existed solely for lonely housewives and their children. I bought a set of these in October 2006 in a Sauk City, Wisconsin antique shop for about a buck.

Also included in each magazine is a "skit." The skit in this issue is titled "Ticket to the Moon - 2 Cents." It's an exceedingly boring, talky thing for a group of young boys to perform. They mainly discuss the day to day humdrum of their lives, like: "I've got three robots on unemployment relief now." I'd like to know if anyone has ever performed this skit, and even more so, if someone would be interested in producing a special evening of these skits for a live audience?

Here, in its entirety, is the skit for your reading "pleasure":


TFunk said...

Wow! Amateur night is calling, and you better answer.

Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "cute real-life teacher."

Movie Maven said...

OH MY GOD we need to perform that. I call the part of "Robot."